Why Safety Excellence Inc?

Safety Excellence Inc. promotes safety activities and safety decisions that make good business sense and produce positive contributions to each client’s business such as:

  • Attracting and retaining employees
  • Attracting and retaining clients
  • Reducing injuries and illnesses to employees, contractors, visitors and the public
  • Reducing incidents and accidents
  • Decreasing wear and tear to company assets such as vehicles, equipment, tools, facilities, etc.
  • Reducing downtime due to incidents and accidents
  • Strengthening client relations
  • Strengthening relations with regulatory bodies
  • Improving employee morale
  • Attaining Partnerships Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Health and Safety
  • Reducing Worker’s Compensation Board premiums
  • Qualifying for placement and maintain standings on vendor lists
  • Reducing overall business risks
  • Meeting and exceeding health and safety audit requirements
  • Working towards being able to demonstrate due diligence
  • Developing a more profitable business
  • Reducing wasted resources and assets, etc.
  • Sustaining or increasing productivity in the workplace

Government Incentives

The Partnerships in Health and Safety Program is based on the premise that when employers and employees work together to develop effective health and safety programs in their workplaces, the human and financial costs of work related injuries and illnesses will be reduced.

Through partnerships with safety associations, industry groups, education institutes and labour organizations, a framework has been established to promote and certify health and safety programs. In addition to fewer work related injuries and illnesses industry recognized certification (Certificate of Recognition) and financial incentives (Partners In Injury Reduction) are other reasons for employers to participate in the Partnerships in Health and Safety Programs.

Workers’ Compensation Board Insurance Premium Discounts

Partners in Injury Reduction encourage the development of effective workplace health, safety and disability management programs in Alberta. Through this voluntary program, the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) works with Alberta Human Resources and Employment, industry partners, safety associations, employers and labour groups to offer WCB premium incentives to employers who reduce their claim costs below predicted targets and meet specified standards for health and safety (i.e., a Certificate of Recognition).

Employers registered in the Partners in Injury Reduction programs who maintain a valid Certificate of Recognition are entitled to a 5% rebate on their Workers’ Compensation Board insurance premiums annually. An additional 15% insurance premium reduction is also available for employers registered in the program.

Achieving your COR

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop and implement health and safety programs that, when audited, meet established standards. Certificates of Recognition are issued by Certifying Partners and are co-signed by Alberta Human Resources and Employment.

Achieving and maintaining a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR) is required for earning a financial incentive through the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board, Partners in Injury Reduction program. Also, many Alberta corporations expect contractors bidding on projects to hold a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR). A Certificate of Recognition (COR) could also contribute to a due diligence defense against Occupational Health and Safety Charges.